Friday, 27 March 2009

Floral Fantasy!

Diane Von Fustenberg from Matches Boutique - £445.00
This Diane Von Fusternberg floral jacket is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! A perfect final touch for a glamourous, elegant on trend outfit. Pair the jacket over a bright coloured herve leger bondage dress and you will be sure to draw all eyes on you this spring/ summer!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dark and Glamourous - J'adore Alexandra Groover

When I came across
Alexandra Groovers stunningly elegant, dark, quirky, sheek designs which were presented for the first time during the recent Fall 09 fashion week as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout - I decided I had no choice but to interview her for my blog....... 


me -  What is your favourite trend for fall 09?
Alexandra - Big jewellery- it's about time it came back- it is such a nice way to make a statement with one's outfit.
me -  When did you launch your brand?
Alexandra - I had a soft launch for the label in 2008, and my first official catwalk show was this past February 2009.
me - If you could steal anyones wardrobe from past or present, who's would it be and why?
Alexandra - Ooh, there are too many good choices- but I think Cleopatra would be up there- the Egyptians were so extravagant from their clothing, to their jewellery, hairstyles and makeup.
me -  Where do you find inspirations for your designs?
Alexandra - I mostly take inspiration from the natural sciences, but this season, I will take this inspiration with the addition of researching the mythology associated with my natural subjects.
me -  When and where did you decide you wanted to be a designer?
Alexandra - I grew up with a jeweler mother and a painter father and a furniture designer who was my babysitter- I think it was pretty much my destiny to become a designer or an artist! But my interest in clothing as a form of design most definitely began when my mother signed me up for my first sewing class when I was 10 years old.
me -  Describe the perfect "Alexandra Groover" woman?

Alexandra - The Alexandra Groover woman is one that is very stylish, but also does not blindly follow all of the current fashion trends. She is more individual and prefers to invest in pieces that will compliment her existing wardrobe and not be thrown away after one season. When designing, I keep in mind that I would like each design to be a special, yet classic piece that the customer will want to keep for years and years.
me -  What is you favourite fashion boutique?
Alexandra - Max Field in Los Angeles, California, USA
me -  Can you give any tips to aspiring fashion designers?

Alexandra - The ones who fail are the ones who give up. Or I perhaps it is best left to man who says it best:

"If one remains as careful at the end as he was at the beginning, there will be no 
failure." Lao-Tzu  


Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved. - Lao-Tzu 
me -  What was it like to present your collection in London Fashion Week as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout?

Alexandra - It was a great honor to be able to present a professional catwalk show to the press and public. Thanks to Vauxhall Fashion Scout, I was able to do this. It couldn't have been better. I had a great team of people helping me make it the successful show that it was. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Perfect start To Summer - Floral Sunglasses

We all need to protect our eyes - and as super fashion conscious girls we'll protect them with style.......... These floral, retro, topshop sunglasses are the perfect way to have fun in the sun whilst being on trend! - As an extra side point - they are also suiting the recession at £15.00

                  Run To Get Them Before They Are Sold Out

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Glamourous Prints and trendy Cuts - Etro!

I was fascinated looking through photos of Etro's fall 09 fashion week show, eyeing their stunning aztec prints, decorating long flowy, intricately cut dresses and jumpsuits! Their signature paisley print is mind boggling-ly gorgeous. Well all this is not too suprising - seeing as their company is still standing strong (and as fashionable as ever) after twenty six years since its launch in 1983 in a small boutique in Milan. Etro is the perfect example of timeless glamour......... and I have interviewed Kelly Frey the PR manager of Etro USA to hear more about the brand and how she got to work for it etc.


me - As the PR manager of Etro USA what type of tasks do you have to do?

Kelly - In one word EDITORIAL COVERAGE! It’s really the single most important aspect for any brand even with all the new technology it always goes back to the root of it all - Fashion is beautiful and nothing shows it off better than that full page editorial in Vogue!  It’s important for any brand to get maximum exposure, so every month it’s crunch time making sure the right product gets out to our top editors for upcoming shoots…especially the cover shoots! Then there are the Fashion shows, we show 4 times a year in Milan so preparing for those shows takes up a big part of our lives making sure everything gets off without a hitch, it can be a fast and furious process but once the first model takes the runway it’s glorious.

me - Did you always aspire to work in the PR sector of fashion or did you initially plan to go into design, or buying etc.

Kelly - I was actually a Journalism major and honestly thought I would end up changing the world by writing those stories that make you see things in a different light, but fate led me in a different way and it couldn’t have worked out better if I had planned it myself

me - Describe the perfect Etro woman in 5 words?

Kelly - Not afraid to wear color

me - What is your favourite piece from the Etro fall 09 collection- describe it?

Kelly - This Fall collection was truly an amazing work of art, but over all I always fall for the finale look

There are few things in life that sparkle more than the perfect cocktail dress, it’s love at first sight!

me - What is/ are your favourite boutiques?

Kelly - Opening ceremony , What Comes Around Goes Around, Chloe, Jonathan Adler (for home), Guarlain (fragrance shop in Paris I love all the bottles.

me - How would you describe your personal style?

Kelly - I’m a Mix and matcher , uptown/ downtown whatever town I throw it all in together and make it work. I love the fanciful pieces of  the runway, but on a daily I keep it simple with a strong addiction to oversized cardigan sweaters and silk printed dresses. I do love black as much as I love color even after 2 years at ETRO it’s still always chic and perfect for any occasion, but it’s not as fun as a pretty paisley print.

me -  What tips could you give to the future generation of the fashion industry?

Kelly - Read your books; fashion magazines cover to cover.  They are the mirror of the industry and reflect everything that is happening right now in fashion. Go out!  everywhere and anywhere, networking is the key to success in any industry and especially in the fashion world. Most importantly pick a job you love to do and it will never feel like work


Sunday, 15 March 2009

Striking summery print tees!

                                                          Sportmax - £188                      

                                                   Lanvin - £318.00

I absolutely adore these two colourful summer t-shirts, they would look incredible either paired with a pair of distressed faded jeans, or a pair of trendy harem pants.......... or if it is really too hot - with a pair of stunning shorts!

Perfect accessory to brighten up your spring wardrobe!

This "Bright Escape Cuff" straight from the Matthew Williamson spring/summer 09 catwalk is just what you need to spice up all your favourite looks for this spring (summer). Its bright multicoloured "spiked" print will complete all your spring summer dresses/ jumpsuits! At £160 its quite pricey - but definitely a piece to invest in!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Nina Dolcetti - Glamourous environmentally friendly shoes!

Two weeks ago when I attended London Fashion Week (the exhibition) I was truly inspired by Nina Dolcetti'sstunning, unique, sculptural shoe designs. Little did I know that they were all eco -  friendly (shhhh I would have bought them anyway). As described on her website, "Nina Dolcetti shoes represent a new breed of conscious design, that confidently walks the line between decadent pleasures and environmental awareness". As soon as I returned home, I immediately contacted Elisalex - the founder of Nina Dolcetti to ask abit more about the backround of her brand etc........


me - When and where did you first decide you wanted to be a shoe designer?

Elisalex - I've always loved the daintyness and symmetry of shoes, I used to draw pages and pages of shoes as a child and was obsessed with Barbie shoes.  I decided I wanted to design shoes towards the end of school and then my passion was cemented while learning to make them at Cordwainers.

me - What characteristics does a shoe need in order to be elegant and stylish?

Elisalex - I think elegance and style are two very different things.  In order for a shoe to be elegant the lines need to be sinuous and elongate the woman's leg.  In order to be stylish, anything goes! - shoes become like little twin sculptures...

me - On your website it says that your designs "confidently walk the line between decadent pleasures and environmental awareness"....... explain how your shoes are made to be environmentally friendly?

Elisalex - My shoes are made using pre-consumer waste - basically left overs.  There is so much left over from the fashion industry - off-cuts, colour swatches, scraps, even bits deemed to be faulty or damaged - and I think it's important to use that up instead of creating demand for more "new" stuff.  Otherwise it would just be wasted by going into landfill or being incinerated.

me - Where do you find inspirations for your shoe designs?

Elisalex- I find that inspiration comes in waves.  I never know where or when I'll get a wave, but they last about 5 days and come every few months or so.

me - Where would you like to see yourself and your brand in 10 years time?

Elisalex - In 10 years time I'd like for my brand to be internationally recognised, and selling worldwide.  Which I reckon is probably the goal of most designers out there...!  I hope to expand, but into what is still secret...

me - What advice can you give to the fashion conscious youth of today (future designers etc)?

Elisalex - I don't really feel qualified to give advice... I'll have to get back to you on that one!

me - How many pairs of shoes do you own? 

Elisalex - I own about 100 pairs, last time I counted... which was quite a while ago...!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Need new on trend clothes.......My-

If you are even in need for new high fashion on trend clothes but do not want to go out of your own home - then "" is you is an entirely fashion-focused web site, designed and developed in the UK, and it was launched in April 2006. only sells current collections on their website, but will occasionally sell last seasons collection at a sale price!

I have interviewed Frankie Hales the Press Assistant for Enjoy!

me - What is your favourite trend for autumn/winter 09?

Frankie -  I’m loving the brights of AW ‘09.. When its cold and dark outside, some bright pink tights (very Gossip Girl) a hot purple dress,  red winter coat, add a splash of colour to warm up any outfit on a dingy winters day..

me - Did you attend many of the London Fashion week fall 09 shows, if so did you have any favorutie collections?.


Frankie - As an assistant I didn’t get to attend that many shows but I did go to the Eun Jeong show which was amazing, gorgeous bursts of coral, fringed tights are a must have for AW ‘09..

me - On a standard working day what is your office dress code? 

Frankie - We all have our own individual styles.. Some you wonder if they wake up looking that glamorous, others rock the London Kate Moss look! As long as your comfortable we have no real dress code..

me - Who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

Frankie - more programme than icon.. Gossip Girl is my latest style obsession (The City following in close pursuit!) Season two, summer for the Manhattan elite, between all the drama, the girls work holiday glamour to perfection with bejewelled kaftans, straw bags and metallic sandals..

me -  In your opinion are high heels a necessity to finish off an outfit?

Frankie - There has been real debates about high heels recently, the health issues surrounding a good pair of Jimmy’s but personally, at 5’2 they are the finishing touch to any outfit..

me -  What is your opinion on some of the latest trends that are very unflattering- e.g. harem pants?

Frankie - I don’t own a pair of Harem pants, I think trends are a lot of fun, not a necessity, I think if they don’t flatter you its not compulsory to follow.. – try another trend.. I’d swap Harem pants for a bit of the 1950s styling trend, I would look way too much like ‘Cant Touch This!!’..

me - What type of woman is aimed at?

Frankie -We aim to target all woman, anyone with a sense of style, who likes to treat themselves! Don’t forget men’s too!


A fun Take on the classic Balenciaga

Although we are all still adoring the classic Balenciaga bag - we are all definitely up for more colour in our lives and that is where the colourful, woven Balenciaga comes in the picture!
The outline of the bag is still in the classic material/style......... but the main design is absolutely gorgeous - orange, blue, pink, white, sand woven coloured leather!
The bag may not be so suited for the recession at £1315.00....... but if you happen to win the lottery, or sell your entire wardrobe of shoes it may be buyable! 

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ghulam Sakina's colourful, playful designs

Yesterday whilst shopping in Selfridges I came across a pretty, unique summer dress........ with various layers of netting and jersey with colourful, flowery applique on the front! I looked to see the label of the dress (as I had never seen anything with a similiar style before), the label read ......... Ghulam Sakina
Checking out his website I discovered that his clothing Embraces all aspects of his cultural heritage - he is originally from India and that is where all his clothing are produced though they are designed in London - where he lives. As well as his collections being sold in Selfridges they are also stocked in various other boutiques and department stores around the globe!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Morgane Le Fay - Interview

If you live in New York, or have ever visited New York I'm sure you have shopped in Morgane Le Fay located in the middle of classy Soho. Morgan le fay's timeless elegance and beauty is extraordinary ..... their draped, floaty, puffy and different styles of dresses are all more stunning than each other. Morgan le Fay caters for all ages and for various occasions - from wedding wear, to smart casual evening wear!

Below is an interview I did with Charlotte Greenough the senior assistant designer of Morgan Le Fay - she is an inspiration to all of us!                                     

me - When and where did you first decide you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Charlotte - Honestly, it just sort of happened, it wasn’t something I decided on. Growing up my aunt had a jewelry and ceramics studio where I spent a huge amount of time playing with wire, clay, soldering and working with stones, it made me fall in love with the act of creating things, even when they were ugly, at a very young age. I love storytelling and I think that the combination of the two, for me, is fashion. It’s a physical narrative that draws on so many different aspects of creativity. Some of my favorite pieces are still weird old masks I made out of plaster when I was in elementary school.

me - How would you describe the perfect "Morgane Le Fay Woman"?

Charlotte - She is ageless, confident, mysterious, feminine and intelligent. 

me - Where do you find inspirations for your designs?

Charlotte - Everywhere! I think that the most beautiful things about fashion is that it draws on so many sources. Nature, books, legos, vegetables, art, music, politics.... Weather..... 

me - Describe your autumn/winter 09 collection in 5 words?

Charlotte - more than 5 words!
The Fall Winter 2009 Collection is inspired by the classic film Wings of Desire, by Wim Wenders, It is the poignant story of an angel who guards over a colorless East Berlin and sacrifices his wings for a life of simple human sensations when he falls in love with a circus performer. The themes of black and white blossoming into color, delight in the minimalist joys of human experience and the magic of the circus come together in an ethereal and dramatic collection. 

me - What advice can you give to the younger generation of future designers?

Charlotte - Be true to yourself, make your own way, don’t follow trends or what others are doing or what you have done in the past that has been successful too closely. The most successful designers are those who don’t focus on being successful, rather they focus on creating something truly special and artistic. 

me - What influences your designs - music, art, foreign cultures...... etc?

Charlotte - I think nature and foreign places more than anything. Turkey and the Whirling dervishes are a real source of inspiration currently.

me - What are your favourite boutiques/ shops?

Charlotte - My favorite boutique is called Ludivine in the West Village in NY. I think wandering vintage shops and flea markets is the best of all though. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I Love Catwalk Genius

Here is some back round information on Catwalk Genius so you can learn abit more about it - they sponsor some of my favourite designers e.g. Laura Lees and David David....... and they also have an amazing online boutique (the information I got was taken from their press release):

Now in its second season, online website Catwalk Genius continues 

to go from strength to strength. This season, the site has attracted 

names including David David (- who I interviewed) , the first womenswear collection from Stansfield and new designer Colin Henderson. 


Catwalk Genius is a unique fashion venture that showcases the work of designers and labels who are 

established as well as new, fresh talent. Born from the principles of supporting 

fashion designers and brands to retail their collections online while also 

offering support to develop their businesses! Catwalk Genius is 

dedicated to promoting new and growing designer level fashion to a wider 

audience. The initiative also encourages a new kind of relationship between the 

customer and the designer using a new ‘crowd-funding’ scheme. The basic 

principle of this idea is that customers can help support designers and brands 

with a small financial contribution for a share of the final profit. 

Catwalk Genius is split into several easily defined sections featuring the 

work of easily recognised names (Sinha Stanic, David, David, Laura Lees, Tatty 

Devine) to the up and coming (Fred Butler, Aganovich, Jojo and Malou) and 

brand new names now able to launch through the support of the site: 



THE BOUTIQUE: the premium section featuring collections from established designer names collaborations exclusive to Catwalk Genius 


THE SHOP FLOOR: featuring collections from a selection of up and coming and new designers  


THE SAMPLE SALE: past season sale stock and samples at reduced prices 


BACK A DESIGNER: the ‘crowd funding’ initiative 


NEWS: the Catwalk Genius blog filling you in on all CG news plus general fashion info  


The site allows designers access to manage their own stock, pricing and 

delivery, enabling those with limited stock to ensure the product availability outlined 

on the site is as accurate as possible. Catwalk Genius aims to use the best 

possible practices to ensure the site and its partners are avoiding the unethical 

methods practiced by fast, disposable fashion brands. 



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