Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Introducing The one And Only..........

Dear fellow fashion bloggers,
The key in fashion is individuality, being different and standing out in the crowd - whether you are wearing a bright yellow beret, or floral tights - being fashionable has its own real important message "to be unique, original and fashionable you have to be able to accept yourself and never feel self conscious.... as there will of course be times when people stare at you - DON'T let that stop you, they are either some grumpy old man, another fashionable girl dead jealous of your style, or some bratty teenager that refuses to look at clothes if they aren't from Abercrombie, Hollister, Juicy or the Ugg shop". I hope all you readers very much enjoy my blog, and if you have any new ideas for me then please comment below or let me know somehow - I am always open to new ideas.

xoxoxoxoxo Coco Butter Lip Balm xoxoxoxoxo

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