Saturday, 7 March 2009

David David - Interview

As I was checking out all the latest up and coming designers on the LFW website I came across David David's striking bold abstract prints and colourful, imaginative clothing designs. Then I had a sudden idea to ask him to be interviewed for my blog - as his words could probably inspire many of us fashion fanatics and future designers. When I emailed him to tell him how I was a great fan of his designs and would love to interview him for my blog- his immediate request was sounds like fun............ Enjoy!

me - When and how did you first launch your career as a fashion designer?

David - um five years ago, tripped up on it, made a t wore it to a party
someone said 'i like that, can i have it?' i said 'no, but i will make
you one' wham it happened.

me - Where do you get inspirations for your designs?

David - anywhere, i just find them where they are left. I dont often look
for them i just gather what ive come across in the few months prior to
when i come to design

me - Which designer strikes you as always being unique, stylish and on

David - dont know designers make their own trends up dont they? I never get
how it works.

me - How do you design your signature abstract prints - by hand, on the computer etc?

David - by hand, then by computer, illustrator etc

me - What is your favourite shop, boutique or department store and why?

David - dover st market london, colette paris, as there is a lot to see a
bit like a museum

me - What influences your designs - music? art? etc

David - art, i am from an art background

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