Friday, 13 March 2009

A fun Take on the classic Balenciaga

Although we are all still adoring the classic Balenciaga bag - we are all definitely up for more colour in our lives and that is where the colourful, woven Balenciaga comes in the picture!
The outline of the bag is still in the classic material/style......... but the main design is absolutely gorgeous - orange, blue, pink, white, sand woven coloured leather!
The bag may not be so suited for the recession at £1315.00....... but if you happen to win the lottery, or sell your entire wardrobe of shoes it may be buyable! 


  1. This bag is so interesting. I would love to see what people pair this with outfit wise.
    Cool blog :)


  2. I know- if I was a litle older with a little bit more cash I would definitely buy it!

    and thanks by the way - I'l check out yours.....


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