Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Glamourous Prints and trendy Cuts - Etro!

I was fascinated looking through photos of Etro's fall 09 fashion week show, eyeing their stunning aztec prints, decorating long flowy, intricately cut dresses and jumpsuits! Their signature paisley print is mind boggling-ly gorgeous. Well all this is not too suprising - seeing as their company is still standing strong (and as fashionable as ever) after twenty six years since its launch in 1983 in a small boutique in Milan. Etro is the perfect example of timeless glamour......... and I have interviewed Kelly Frey the PR manager of Etro USA to hear more about the brand and how she got to work for it etc.


me - As the PR manager of Etro USA what type of tasks do you have to do?

Kelly - In one word EDITORIAL COVERAGE! It’s really the single most important aspect for any brand even with all the new technology it always goes back to the root of it all - Fashion is beautiful and nothing shows it off better than that full page editorial in Vogue!  It’s important for any brand to get maximum exposure, so every month it’s crunch time making sure the right product gets out to our top editors for upcoming shoots…especially the cover shoots! Then there are the Fashion shows, we show 4 times a year in Milan so preparing for those shows takes up a big part of our lives making sure everything gets off without a hitch, it can be a fast and furious process but once the first model takes the runway it’s glorious.

me - Did you always aspire to work in the PR sector of fashion or did you initially plan to go into design, or buying etc.

Kelly - I was actually a Journalism major and honestly thought I would end up changing the world by writing those stories that make you see things in a different light, but fate led me in a different way and it couldn’t have worked out better if I had planned it myself

me - Describe the perfect Etro woman in 5 words?

Kelly - Not afraid to wear color

me - What is your favourite piece from the Etro fall 09 collection- describe it?

Kelly - This Fall collection was truly an amazing work of art, but over all I always fall for the finale look

There are few things in life that sparkle more than the perfect cocktail dress, it’s love at first sight!

me - What is/ are your favourite boutiques?

Kelly - Opening ceremony , What Comes Around Goes Around, Chloe, Jonathan Adler (for home), Guarlain (fragrance shop in Paris I love all the bottles.

me - How would you describe your personal style?

Kelly - I’m a Mix and matcher , uptown/ downtown whatever town I throw it all in together and make it work. I love the fanciful pieces of  the runway, but on a daily I keep it simple with a strong addiction to oversized cardigan sweaters and silk printed dresses. I do love black as much as I love color even after 2 years at ETRO it’s still always chic and perfect for any occasion, but it’s not as fun as a pretty paisley print.

me -  What tips could you give to the future generation of the fashion industry?

Kelly - Read your books; fashion magazines cover to cover.  They are the mirror of the industry and reflect everything that is happening right now in fashion. Go out!  everywhere and anywhere, networking is the key to success in any industry and especially in the fashion world. Most importantly pick a job you love to do and it will never feel like work


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