Sunday, 8 March 2009

Grafitti your Legs

A new legal way to express yourself by grafitti!

These topshop leggings are amazing....... they can really make an outfit. Wear them with an LBD or a vintage band t-shirt for a super on - trend look.


  1. HEY!!!!

    LOVE THOSE LEGGINGS! I just used them for a shoot for a New York Fashion mag called Zoozoom

    They rock!

    loving your work fellow blogger!

    rivkie -

  2. Those leggings are amazing! They would look so awesome with a pastel colored long tee and leather jacket haha =)

  3. heyyy fashion spy thanks for checking out my blog.... yeah theyre wicked topshop just came out with a whole new bunch of incredible leggings!

    ...... and yeah the leggings are such a statement theyd look great worn with a soft, flowy, pastel tunic -


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