Monday, 9 March 2009

Bryce-Danice-Aime - Interview

From their elegant evening gowns, to their perfectly well cut tailoring and quirky prints........... Bryce - Danice- Aime's designs are well suited for all customers, for all occasions. Their autumn/winter 09 collection was featured in a Vauxhall Fashion Scout show as part of  London Fashion Week in February. Bryce's clothes are created for the woman who recognizes the understated appeal of luxurious fabrics, elegant cut and precise finish to create a distinct yet quiet drama within her wardrobe. 


me -When and how did you first launch your career as a fashion designer?

Bryce -I had the great opportunity to start in February 2006 after I graduated from Central  St. Martins in 2005.

me -Where do you get inspirations for your designs?

Bryce -My inspiration is centered on the vision of a strong, feminine woman with the “perfect” silhouette.

I draw energy from everywhere - past and present, but always with a modern touch.

me -Which designer strikes you as always being unique, stylish and on trend?

Bryce -Yves Saint Laurent, always and forever.

me -Describe your autumn/winter collection in 5 words?

Bryce -Feminine, powerful, soft-tailored, fetish, contrasting

me -What is your favourite shop, boutique or department store and why?

Bryce -Liberty -  the interior is unique and beautiful…a paradise for any lover of fashion.

me -What influences your designs - music? art? Etc

Bryce -The answer is infinite – each season, I imagine a new way of dressing a woman…

me -What country would you label the capital of fashion?

Bryce -A difficult question as it depends entirely on what one is looking for…

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