Monday, 9 March 2009

Turquoise Lipstick at Ashish!

When I spotted the models makeup at Ashish's fall 09 show in London Fashion week I decided I had to show it to my bloggers!....... The bright turqouise coloured lipstick dabbed on to give a futuristic/fish shaped look was mind boggling........... but I love it x

                                                                               what do you think of it? x


  1. Um, to me it looks kinda like she had been eating icecream, and forgot to lick her lips. But thats just me, I prefer a more classic look :)


  2. yeah I agree, it also kind of looks like that princess from star wars :p

  3. I really like it. I just think she should of had it on the corners of her lips as well... and not just in the middle. But I guess it gives her a futuristic baby doll look in a way.


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