Tuesday, 10 March 2009

So Fringe your life!

Whats the trend that all us fashion worshipers are admiring, obsessing about, spotting on allLinkthe spring/summer 09 catwalks, and buying in our favourite high street stores?

- Its not lace ( so 2008), or frills (cute but kind of outdated), or even leather (you don't need to be anorexic to pull off this trend)........... right now we are adoring FRINGES.

Yes, you may be thinking that fringes can never be in fashion, only worn for dressing up- paired with a bow and arrow in hand, and two plaits as "a red indian". But give it time, even the stubborn ones among you are soon to be sucked in by this fad.

From Topshop: I'm loving the 
moccasin fringed ankle boots, which can look truly gorgeous with a pair of skin-tight bleach acid jeans....... or if your over the skinny jean look, and are feeling like letting your girly side come out it can be paired with a gorgeous printed dress .

From Gaspard Yukievich- a new favourite designer of mine: 
I'm adoring his mini sequined dresses, with delicate coloured fringing draped on top(in the link - dress furthest to the left). As this dress is so sensational, it doesn't really need any accesories to be worn with it, although a pair of 7inch stillettos would be a perfect way to top off this sensational peice!

There are many other ways of pulling off this seasons fringing trend for example - by topping off all your casual/smart outfits with a 
leather fringed bag!

So......... Get fringing! xxxx


  1. Loving the fringe right now. Very Pocahantas (sp?)

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  3. i adore pocahantas- my fave disney princess but shes kind of abit out of it lol x

    hi noa! thanks so much for contacting me...... yeah i first heard about you in the style scout- great website! lol x sure will do


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